Join us

The Amajuba section of the MCSA invites all mountain enthusiasts in the catchment area for the section to join us. Our members live in Newcastle (where we have a club-house), Dundee, Vryheid, Ladysmith, Volksrust, Ingogo and surrounding areas. We organise at least one weekend and one day outing per month and meet regularly for social events in Newcastle.

To apply for membership please download and complete the membership application form  and return to the Secretary (or other committee member) at a social.

Your membership questions answered
What Fitness level is required?
On some of the more extreme hikes, you will need to be reasonably fit; you should however be able to participate in most of the hikes we do.
Can Non-members participate?
Non-members are welcome; you will be asked to pay a meet-fee. Participation is however at the discretion of the meet leader, who may occasionally, for safety reasons, refuse non-members’ participation, unless the non-member is invited by or known to one of the participants in such outings.
What are the Membership fees?
Membership fees for 2023 has been set at R280 for single members. Other categories are as follows: 
Family (2 adults + children younger than 18 years old): R350.00; 
Single pensioner, Full-time student: R230.00; 
Pensioner family (both members retired): R270.00. 
What are the Benefits of joining?
As a member you will benefit from shared resources, the experience and knowledge that our leaders bring, access to restricted mountain areas, an organisation that boasts more than 125 years of experience, affiliation to the UIAA and reciprocal rights with other Mountain clubs around the world, where you may benefit from reduced rates when using their facilities.